Prime Commercial Property in the Heart of Corozal Town Belize


Prime Commercial Property in the Heart of Corozal Town Belize


Take advantage in the one-of-kind Prime Commercial / Residential Belize Real Estate Property located in the heart of Corozal Town. It is directly on Corozal's main 5th Avenue and corner of 3rd st south.  This Prime Commercial / Residential Belize Real Estate is within walking distance of primary schools, churches, supermarkets, commercial banks, the Town’s Central Park and other public playgrounds, police and fire Services and the public transportation facilities. The secondary and tertiary level educational institution, The Corozal Community College, is approximately 1.75 to 2 kilometers away.  This property falls within the commercial center of Corozal Town and it is accessible to potable water, electricity, telephone and TV cable services.

This Prime Commercial / Residential Belize Real Estate consists of a three storied concrete building on the lot with dimensions of 33 feet by 74 feet.  The ground floor has three commercial units; the first floor has two apartment units and the second floor consists of two smaller apartment units and a roof top terrace.  The ground floor of the building is in commercial use. The northwestern front section of the ground floor comprising of 33 feet by  34 feet is currently used as a shop. Behind the shop are a staircase section and a section used as a storeroom. This stairwell area has dimensions of 14 feet by 33 at all the three floor levels.  The southeastern half of the ground floor, behind the stairwell, are two commercial units measuring 14 feet by 33 feet and 12 feet by 33 feet respectively. The former is a storeroom and the latter is an office space.

The first floor accommodates two apartment units. The northwestern front section accommodates  three bedrooms, a full bathroom and a half bathroom, a kitchen and dining room area. It also includes a front porch facing the 5th Avenue. This porch has a wrought iron rail.  The second apartment unit accommodates two large bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a bathroom and laundry room. On the southeastern end of the apartment unit is a spacious porch covering approximately 12 feet by 17 feet. From this porch section is a stairway to the ground floor.

The second floor has two small apartment units and a large open roof top terrace. One of the units has dimensions of 17 feet by 26 feet. It accommodates a kitchen and dining room, a bedroom and a bathroom. The second unit has dimensions of 17 feet by 23 feet.   The building frame of the two units has dimensions of 17 feet by 56 feet. The rest of the floor area comprising approximately 1520 square feet is taken up by the open roof top. There is a masonry block rail around the roof top section of the building.

This property is surrounded by 3 centred hotels, Las palmas, Mirador and Hokol Kin hotels. It is 3 blocks away from the Central Park, Gabriel Hoare market, and walking distance of Credit Union, Belize Bank, Heritage bank and Atlantic Bank. Grocery stores are all within the surrounding block with an addition of a newly built shopping mart (Save Mart), the famous chicos tortilla factory and is only a block away from the Corozal Bay. Bus terminal is within walking distance of the House of Culture and also is the water taxi terminal of Thunderbolt and Sea Shuttle water taxis.

The following are details of the building:-

WALLS: The external walls of the building are of masonry blocks and these are fully rendered and painted inside and outside. The internal walls at the ground floor are also of rendered and painted masonry blocks. The internal walls of the two-bedroom unit of the first floor are of rendered and painted masonry blocks. Those in the three-bedroom unit are of a combination of masonry blocks and timber. The internal walls of the second floor are also of a combination of rendered and painted masonry blocks and timber siding. The building frame is of re-enforced concrete beams and columns.

ROOF: Flat concrete roof.

FLOOR: Fully tiled floors including the internal and external concrete staircases. The roof top terrace is of concrete.

DOORS: The front entrance to the store is fitted with a rolling metal shutter. This shutter is also protected with a burglar barred door. There is a second rolling metal shutter that is kept closed. The storeroom door is also a rolling metal shutter. The office front door is a metal and glass door. All the doors at the apartment units are paneled mahogany doors, except the door of the two-bedroom unit to the front porch which is a glass door. The entrance of the stairwell section has a wrought iron grill wall with a gate of the same material.

WINDOWS: Most of the windows on the building are aluminum louvered windows with burglar bars. There is a set of French glass windows on the porch side of the two-bedroom unit at the first floor. The office space at the ground floor has jalousie glass windows.

At the southeastern side of the building is a concrete water cistern. The structure has dimensions of 13 feet by 13 feet by a height of approximately 16 feet. On top of the concrete water cistern is a masonry block storeroom. There is a metal stairway to the storeroom.


The lot is an L-shaped property. The southeastern boundary has a masonry block fence. The southwestern boundary is also fenced with the same material. The space between the building and the southeastern masonry block wall is a concrete driveway with a multi-capacity parking space. A wrought iron gate is attached at the entrance of the driveway.

Take advantage of this one-of-kind Belize Commercial Residential Belize Real Estate property and schedule a viewing today!

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Sale Price: 
$500,000 US
$500,000 US

2 Bathrooms, 5 Bedroom, Burglar Bar Windows, Close to School, Close to Town, Great Neighbourhood, High Traffic Visibility, Located With-in Town Limits, Next to busy way, Walking Distance to Shopping


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Land Area: 
4,424sq. ft
10 Nov 2023
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