40 Acre Turneffe Atoll Peninsula with 5 Islands in the Grassy Caye Range

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40 Acre Turneffe Atoll Peninsula with 5 Islands in the Grassy Caye Range

This property offers approx. 40 acres at tip of a peninsula on an island that sits within one of one only 4 coral reef atolls in the western hemisphere... a truly rare opportunity. Add to that five additional small islands located in the Grassy Caye Range about 2 miles South and you have a one of a kind opportunity for island real estate in Belize.

The 40 acres sit on the Northeast corner of the Turneffe Atoll, less than a minute away from the fringe reef facing East towards the Caribbean Sea. With over 4,300 ft of seafront along 3 sides it offers a great opportunity for an impressive waterfront island escape sitting at the tip of a peninsula overlooking the reef.

Each of the small islets included in the sale are essentially individual private islands ranging between 0.199 to 1.4 Acres in size. All the small islands sit in close proximity to one another along the Grassy Caye Range less than a quarter mile from the reef.

The Turneffe Islands have been recognized as one of the Caribbean’s top destinations for saltwater fishing and diving. The vastness and variety of marine life and coral formations in this area are truly unmatched making it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Multiple dives sites of patch coral and fringe reefs are available less than a mile away, with world class fishing and diving opportunities in every direction.

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This listing is over 365 days old.
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$1,750,000 US
$1,750,000 US
  • 39.99 Acres on one of 3 Peninsulas on the Turneffe Atoll
  • Approx 4,350 ft of waterfront along three sides of the property
  • Less than 1,000 ft from the fringe reef surrounding the Atoll
  • 5 small undeveloped islets on the Grassy Caye Range
  • Size of Islets - 0.199 Acres, 0.577 Acres, 0.81 Acres, 1.043 Acres, 1.4 Acres
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1,741,964sq. ft
12 Feb 2023
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