198 Acre Land and Farm with Mountain Views and 3,430ft of Creek Frontage

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198 Acre Land and Farm with Mountain Views and 3,430ft of Creek Frontage

The beautiful property boasts almost 200 acres of lush tropical rainforest, rolling hills, mature orange orchards and over 3,400 ft along a year round creek that feeds into the South Stann Creek River. Multiple seasonal streams flow throughout the property, while undulating, hilly terrain offers an array of impressive homesites that boast incredible views of the surrounding valleys and mountain ranges.

With towering elevations of over 600 ft and gentle slopes in every direction, this property will offer stunning sunsets pouring over the mountains at the edge of the Sibun Forest Reserve out towards the valley and plains at the bottom of the Hummingbird Hills. It lies less that ½ miles off the Hummingbird Highway, with direct road access southwest of the nearby King’s Village community in the Middlesex Agricultural area. The village has both electricity and water access which can both easily be extended to the property just ½ away.

The entire property totals 197.99 acres and is made up of 9 adjacent parcels ranging from as little as 2.135 to as much as 43.649 Acres in size. Each individual parcel has either existing or reserved road access, allowing for them to be easily shared among a family or group of investors.

This is an active farm that produces and average of 4,000 bags of oranges and 2,000 bags of grapefruit per year and was once noted by the Citrus Growers Association as one of the best producing farms per acre for a number of years due to its elevation and landscape. There's approx. 150 acres of planted citrus trees with some orange trees that are 25 years old and the rest from 20 to 3 years. They are spread out in age to keep the crop level over time. Grapefruit trees have a similar age range and are planted in 6 different groves across the farm. There are many other fruit trees planted all around the farm such as mamey (sapote) fruit, wild pear, sugar cane, banana, wild pineapple, papaya, mango, and many others. These are use for private consumption but shows that the property can easily be diversified with a wider range of crops as there are many types of fruits and tress that would grow quite well.

Few properties along the Hummingbird Highway would offer as much land with as wide a range of possibilities for a buyer to develop or to keep and preserve. Contact us today!

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This listing is over 365 days old.
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$350,000 US
$350,000 US
  • 197.99 Acres of Land comprised of 9 Adjacent Parcels
  • 3,431.732 ft of Creek Frontage on the West Branch of the South Stann Creek River
  • Direct road access ½ mile off the Hummingbird Highway
  • Multiple Hills and seasonal streams throughout the property
  • Approx 150 Acres of Citrus Orchards with Mature Trees
  • Approx 50 Acres of Natural Forested Land
  • Various hardwood trees throughout the property
  • Access to water & electricity approx ½ mile away
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8,624,444sq. ft
12 Feb 2023
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